The People of Israel
Plead for Your Help!

You can be the difference of life and death for thousands of Israelis who urgently need support, as they are trapped in this horrifying nightmare of terror.

Horror and blood line the streets of over 22 Israeli cities after an onslaught by hundreds of Hamas terrorists.

Their rampage left a trail of hundreds dead in the streets, highways, and bus stops.

Families were held hostage in their own homes, and many were kidnapped into Gaza.”

Israel’s Frontline Soldiers need your help!

In the heat of battle, every second and every tool counts. Meir Panim is ensuring our soldiers are equipped with essential tools that can mean the difference between life and death.

Combat Essentials:

Advanced hearing protection, tactical eye gear, and specialized gloves.

Compact Nutrition:

Easy-to-carry food designed for vest pockets and energy-packed protein bars, which might be a soldier’s only nourishment for an entire day.

Tactical Tools:

Leatherman knives for multi-purpose tasks, crucially, gun maintenance.

First Aid:

Compact bandages, leukoplast, blister plasters, and lifesaving CAT tourniquets.


Camelbacks, water jugs, and hydration packets to combat dehydration risks.

Field Markings:

Permanent black markers and liquid whiteout for imperative in-field notations.

Illumination and Gear:

Flashlights, tactical ropes, and black tape ensure all equipment is secure and accessible.

How Meir Panim is helping

our Soldiers

In Dimona, Or Akiva, Tiberias, and Tzfat we are collecting essentials for soldiers. These include; food, meals, snacks, toiletries ranging from toothbrushes to deodorant, sleeping bags, sweaters, and more.

Food for Families and 
Holocaust Survivors

As people are trapped in their homes, food and meals are being collected and prepared for families and Holocaust Survivors in need, especially Israel’s most vulnerable and homebound.

Community Center

Meir Panim’s center in Sderot offers a safe space, therapeutic activities, and community building opportunities to the city’s at-risk youth and seniors who have been through so much trauma.

Stories From The Front Lines

In the midst of chaos and tragedy, the strength and resilience of individuals give us hope. These are their stories:


Branch Manager for Meir Panim in Dimona

Nissim showcased exceptional courage and determination this morning. Even as the weight of sending three of his own children to the front lines weighed heavily on his heart, he organized efforts to prepare packages for soldiers, ensuring they had the essentials they needed.


Branch Manager for Meir Panim in Tiberias

The terrifying reality of having all her adult children residing near the Gaza Strip didn’t deter Yehudit from opening her branch. With a heart filled with concern and anxiety, she arrived early, dedicating herself to cooking, preparing, and packing, all while struggling to maintain contact with her family.

Sderot’s streets weep

Meir Panim rushes to provide relief to the shattered families of Sderot and the South, even as rockets continue to rain down, and they are trapped in their homes.


Soldiers And Israeli Dead




Rockets Launched



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