What’s it like to

walk in

Thank you

Everyone has a story.

Every person, regardless of their status, has struggles and setbacks. Oftentimes, our personal struggles get in the way of seeing the people around us, making it hard for us to walk in their shoes.

Here’s a glimpse of what it’s like to walk a mile in the shoes of Israel’s impoverished…

Maurice, age 75, Or Akiva

A veteran suffering from PTSD who visits Meir Panim weekly to fill his family’s empty cabinets and fridge.

Amira, age 38, Dimona

A single mother who survived an abusive marriage was able to piece her life back together with the help of Meir Panim.

Prosper, age 68, Jerusalem

A hungry and lonely man who walks into Meir Panim every day to eat his only warm meal and interact with others.

Now that you’ve seen what it’s like to walk in their shoes, help others step out of it.

While times are not simple, and each and every one of us struggles, here’s something to think about: Israel’s impoverished lack the basic necessities we tend to take for granted. This year, you can help others like Maurice, Amira, and Prosper get back on their feet.

Maurice, Amira, and Prosper are just 3 out of the 2.5 million Israelis that are continuing to struggle:

1.1 million

Israeli children live in poverty.

1 in 3

Israeli Holocaust survivors lives in poverty.


Israeli households are in economic distress.

Help Israel’s needy start this year on the right foot.

As we bring 2022 to a close, Meir Panim is calling on you to be the change you want to see in 2023. By donating to Meir Panim this year, you can guide Israel’s needy through their first steps out of poverty.