for Israel’s Hungry

By The Steinberg Gift Fund

Poverty in Israel is increasing by the day, and for Israel’s needy, time is running out.

This year, over 2.6 million Israelis live below the poverty line.

1.1 Million

Israeli children live in poverty.

1 in 3

Israeli Holocaust survivors lives in poverty.


Israeli households are in economic distress.

Behind all these numbers are a disturbing amount of empty plates.

Empty plates that hungry children wished could be filled with nutritious food.

Empty plates that Holocaust Survivors dream of filling without having to give up on basic essentials.

Empty plates that struggling families are desperately trying to fill – to no avail.

The clock is ticking, as they see their dreams of food slowly disappearing.

How will Israel’s needy celebrate the High Holidays?

The High Holiday season is centered around the table, where families share their hopes and dreams for the upcoming year. While most families hope to merit health, happiness, and fulfillment, Israel’s needy wish is for what we take for granted–a plate filled with food.

Israel’s hungry children are running out of time.

Hunger dims the bright dreams of Israel’s children, casting a shadow of stress and anxiety. Unable to hear their teacher’s voice over their grumbling stomachs, hungry children have trouble focusing in school and making friends. Their hopelessness causes them to struggle developmentally and emotionally, and possibly get into serious trouble.

Time’s running out for Israel’s Holocaust survivors.

Instead of spending their last years in dignity, too many people who survived one of history’s greatest atrocities are suffering from hunger. Israel’s Holocaust survivors hope to start this New Year in comfort and fulfillment. With every skipped meal, old traumas resurface. Our survivors deserve a present that honors their past.

The clock is ticking for needy families.

When Israel’s needy families work around the clock just to make ends meet, celebrating the holidays seems out of reach. What’s there to celebrate when you’re struggling to survive? This New Year, Israel’s needy families hope to provide for their children without sacrificing basic necessities like food, clothing, and a roof over their heads. Will you help us provide the needy with their most basic need before it’s too late?

YOU can make a change this New Year.

When you donate to Meir Panim this New Year, you are giving the needy a chance at celebrating the holiday in dignity by beating the fast-ticking clock of poverty.








Time is running out for your donation to be doubled

Meir Panim transforms thousands of lives every holiday season with:


Prepaid Credit Cards for grocery stores


Festive Holiday Meals with traditional foods


Holiday Pantry Boxes

Make their New Year unforgettable by filling up their plates and their hearts!

Donate today to provide Israel’s impoverished with festive traditional holiday meals and a sweet New Year! 

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