Adopt the families

of Kfar Aza

to bring hope, aid, and support after the trauma of the October 7th massacres.

Since 1951, generations of families in Kvar Aza have courageously defended and nurtured their land bordering the Gaza Strip. 

Yael and Amir, parents from Kfar Aza, share their heartbreaking story.

Kfar Aza is more than a place; it’s our life’s story. We grew up here, started our family, and created memories together. To see it all burned down is beyond words. We hid in a closet for almost two days, waiting for the IDF, surrounded by destruction and loss.

Their lives were shattered on the Black Shabbat of October 7th. So were thousands of others. As we celebrate the triumph of light over darkness this Chanukah, let’s help bring back life to the families of Kfar Aza. The community lost everything – homes, everything they own, and, most tragically, loved ones. 

“Meir Panim has been our miracle in these dark times. I don’t know how we’d survive without them. Toys for our four traumatized kids, warm daily meals, clothing, and essentials brought by their kind volunteers. Their support is bringing back our hope in humanity,” Yael and Amir express with gratitude.

By adopting a family, you are helping Meir Panim transform the lives of hundreds of families in Kvar Aza left with nothing but ashes. They need YOU in their darkest hour!

Illuminate the lives of the families of Kfar Aza with hope and kindness. Give them the tools to be able to begin to not only survive but to heal as well.