Give Israel the
Fighting Advantage

Israel’s soldiers are struggling in horrific daily battles against Hamas. You can give them the upper hand they need to win. 

As the Israeli army

is focused on providing bombs, tanks, basic gear, and weaponry, things like advanced tools and sophisticated gear are overlooked. These soldiers desperately need night vision goggles to give them the best chance at beating death in combat. 

Amplifying light, these goggles allow soldiers to see in pitch-black darkness.

Hamas lacks advanced equipment, providing Israel with a unique tactical advantage of the night, seeing when the enemy cannot. As the soldiers can maintain peripheral and 3D vision, this improves their safety as well, and saves lives!

Watch Menachem Samuel a father and husband serving on reserve duty on the northern border of Israel show you the difference between light and darkness.

See the difference it makes.

Every dollar helps safeguard those risking their lives for Israel.

These critical tools, costing thousands, are not just equipment but a lifesaver for our soldiers in the dark.

You can allow them to come home safely!