Provide light to Israel in its Darkest hour

Adopt the families

of Ofakim

to bring hope, aid, and support after the trauma of the October 7th massacres.

Founded in 1953, Ofakim is a small, tight-knit city of 40,000, a mosaic of immigrants from around the globe. 

Its vibrant community was surprised and unprepared on October 7th as they celebrated Simchat Torah.

Lior and Rena, “Our happy holiday turned to devastation. Our children helplessly watched the blood, terrorists, and flames from our window. Whenever we try to talk about it the kids shut down and scream. I don’t know how many years it will take them to recover from the trauma.”

With Lior’s disability from army service, we were terrified every time a siren went off that he wouldn’t make it to the public bomb shelter in the 30 seconds we had to run for our lives. My children wouldn’t stop crying, even after the terrorists were killed – they couldn’t feel safe staying in Ofakim.

They left for Or Akiva, where Meir Panim became their lifeline. “Arriving with nothing, Ilanit and her team gave us a home, furnished with the essentials. They restored our hope.”

While Lior, Rena, and many families from Ofakim are physically safe, the journey towards healing and feeling safe is a long one. Adopting these hundreds of desperate families from Ofakim is life-changing for them. With your help we can provide meals, clothing, and other necessities, offering these families a chance to heal and rebuild.

Bring their hope and smiles back.

The traumatized and shattered families of Ofakim & need you NOW!