Our educational programs provide the tools to break the cycle of poverty.

The problem

Daily life in Israel is near impossible for those facing the relentless cycle of poverty.
While they may have dreams and ambitions for the future, lack of funding and resources will likely prevent them from achieving their goals.
This stark reality highlights the critical need for strategic interventions to break the cycle.


Amira, a young Israeli woman, bore the weight of the world on her shoulders.
Just a week after her wedding, her marriage crumbled, leaving her a single mother to her unborn child.
Her dreams shattered, Amira found herself without child support, ensnared in the unyielding grip of poverty.
Amira found hope in the form of Meir Panim, who provided resources and educational opportunities, enabling her to start her own business.

Meir Panim’s Solution:


At Meir Panim, we see first hand, the transformative role that education plays for those trapped in the cycle of poverty.
We believe that equipping those in need with essential skills and knowledge, paves the way towards economic stability, empowering individuals to shape their own prosperous futures.

Empowerment is part of our 75 year goal to eradicate poverty in Israel.
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