immediate support

Providing Israelis in need with food packages and daily meals enables them to focus on long term solutions for the future.

The problem

Tragically, millions of Israelis today deal with hunger on a daily basis.
Research has shown that chronic malnutrition can cause long-term issues like heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis, as well as emotional distress in the form of anxiety and depression.
Worst of all, persistent hunger is all-consuming, requiring a person to focus their energy on finding immediate relief rather than building a better future for themselves.

Maurice's Story

Maurice, an injured war veteran and father of six, found himself fighting a different battle – poverty.
Haunted by the traumas of war and physical injuries, he grappled with providing for his family.
Meir Panim emerged as a ray of light, addressing the families’ basic needs with dignity and compassion.
In Meir Panim, Maurice found more than aid – he found a friend and ally in his ongoing battle.

Meir Panim’s Solution:

immediate support

At Meir Panim, we aim to alleviate the pressing need for food for all Israelis living in poverty.
Across the country we work to provide Meals-on-Wheels, special meals for children, food shopping cards and challah for shabbat.
Additionally, our Restaurant-Style Soup Kitchens provide roughly 1,000,000 quality meals annually to impoverished Israelis across the country in a comfortable dining setting.

Empowerment is part of our 75 year goal to eradicate poverty in Israel.
To learn more about our other pillars and our approach to ending poverty