Our programs provide children in need with safe spaces for them to learn, play and receive hot meals.

The problem

“My wife and I try to make the best of our situation but I worry that we simply can’t provide for our daughter’s basic needs.”
-Daniel P., Jerusalem

This is the heartbreaking story of over 1.1 million children in Israel today.
Their bodies and minds lacking basic nourishment, needy children face stunted growth, weakened immunity, cognitive disorders, as well as emotional distress, causing long-lasting damage to their well-being. This severely impacts their ability to lead a healthy life and break free from the cycle of poverty.

after school youth clubs

With your help, Meir Panim’s After School Youth Clubs are transforming cities with high populations of families who live below the poverty line. Through this program, we are shaping the children’s lives so they can rise out of poverty and become contributing members of Israeli society.

Meir Panim’s Solution:

future generation support

At Meir Panim we recognize the huge impact that a compassionate, nurturing environment can have on struggling children.
We focus on providing children in need with hot, nutritious meals in safe and welcoming spaces where they are free to play, learn and grow, shaping these young individuals into successful, productive adults, primed to flourish in their future endeavors.

Empowerment is part of our 75 year goal to eradicate poverty in Israel.
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