The people of Sderot need your help.

Send your tax-deductible donation to the youth of Sderot and give them the support and help they desperately need.

Rocket sirens wail again in towns and communities near the Gaza border and in the southern city of Ashkelon as a fresh salvo of rockets are fired.

The Times of Israel, 5/10/2023

“Israel Under Fire: More than 60 rockets (as of 5/12/2023, there have been over 800) fired from Gaza at Israeli cities”

i24 News, 5/10/2023

If Hamas joins in a serious way, the conflict could be extended longer than the multiple rounds Israel has had with Islamic Jihad in the past

Jerusalem Post, 5/10/2023

The people of Sderot have suffered enough

Meir Panim distributes care packages to the families living in Sderot and established a Community Center for children and seniors living under rocket fire.

years under fire

Rockets fired on israel this war

People in sderot

HOW Meir Panim helps

With only fifteen seconds to reach shelter, Meir Panim sees to it that these people have the food and essentials they need to get through difficult times. Meir Panim also created its Sderot Community Center which provides guidance and shelter to local children and seniors living under constant rocket fire.

Refurbished Bomb Shelter

Converting a bomb shelter into a Community Center, has created a safe haven for the at-risk youth and isolated seniors of Sderot to help them deal with the constant trauma surrounding them.

Food and Care packages for Families

Food packages are prepared for families and individuals in need.

Sderot Community Center

Meir Panim’s center in Sderot offers a safe space, therapeutic activities, and community building opportunities to the city’s at-risk youth and isolated seniors who have been through so much trauma.