Celebrate God’s gift of the Torah

and the festival of Shavuot by giving love and warm food to Israel’s needy

We need your help this Shavuot holiday so Israel’s hungry can celebrate with dignity.

Help Israel’s impoverished enjoy Shavuot in a dignified way.

While 2.6 million people in Israel lack basics like food, clothing, and shelter, the struggle is greater during the holidays, when families want to celebrate and expenses tend to be even higher.

Throughout the year, Meir Panim serves roughly one million warm meals in a relaxed, restaurant-style environment–and we go into overdrive during the holidays.

Your gift will change the lives of Israel’s needy during Shavuot and throughout the year.

Meir Panim’s staff and volunteers have welcomed thousands of hungry people into its Restaurant-Style Soup Kitchens across Israel, where they’re met with warm meals, smiles, and conversation.

This Shavuot, help us provide those in need with freshly baked challah bread and delicious foods to make the holiday festive.

Give Israel’s hungry the help they need during Shavuot

and beyond–bringing joy and dignity into the lives of those struggling through difficult times.