Israel’s Frontline Soldiers need your help!

In the heat of battle, every second and every tool counts. Meir Panim is ensuring our soldiers are equipped with essential tools that can mean the difference between life and death.

Combat Essentials:

Advanced hearing protection, tactical eye gear, and specialized gloves.

Compact Nutrition:

Easy-to-carry food designed for vest pockets and energy-packed protein bars, which might be a soldier’s only nourishment for an entire day.

Tactical Tools:

Leatherman knives for multi-purpose tasks, crucially, gun maintenance.

First Aid:

Compact bandages, leukoplast, blister plasters, and lifesaving CAT tourniquets.


Camelbacks, water jugs, and hydration packets to combat dehydration risks.

Field Markings:

Permanent black markers and liquid whiteout for imperative in-field notations.

Illumination and Gear:

Flashlights, tactical ropes, and black tape ensure all equipment is secure and accessible.

And much more!

Donations to American Friends of Meir Panim are tax deductible in the US registered under EIN number 20-1582478.